Queen Letizia joins her husband at the opening of royal theatre season in a glamorous, plunging black dress.

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King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

Queen Letizia is one of our favorite monarchs. Not just because she cares for her adoring public, but because of her amazing sense of style.

Reprinted from The Daily MailShe turned 44 on Wednesday and it seems that Queen Letizia is still celebrating in style.

The glamorous mother-of-two looked incredible as she joined her husband on the red carpet at the inauguration of the Royal Theatre Season in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday night.

Wore a black, plunging V-neck dress by Spanish designer Felipe Varela

Dressed in a figure-hugging Felipe Varela dress, which showcased her trim figure, Queen Letizia posed for snaps with her husband, King Felipe. It was gratifying to see the Queen show off one of Spain’s more original designers. A nice departure from what she wore before.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Looks like someone is getting more than an eyeful of Letizia’s long legs. Click photo for a larger image.

She turned 44 on Wednesday and it seems that Queen Letizia is still celebrating in style.

The glamorous mother-of-two looked incredible as she joined her husband on the red carpet at the inauguration of the Royal Theatre Season in Madrid, Spain, on Thursday night.

Dressed in a figure-hugging Felipe Varela dress, which showcased her trim figure, Queen Letizia posed for snaps with her husband, King Felipe.

The mother-of-two looked right at home as she greeted dozens of primary aged children at the Gines Morata school.

She kept her makeup natural and opted for a straight hairstyle which she has been favouring of late.

The youngsters seemed thrilled to have a royal in their midst. They greeted her with high fives as she entered the playground on Tuesday.

Queen Letizia at children's schoolQueen Letizia, 43, visited the school to celebrate the opening of the 2016-2017 scholarship course.

Queen Letizia Takes Her Children To School

At the start of the week, the Queen made another visit to a school.  This time dropping her two daughters off on their first day back of term.

Princess Leonor, ten, and Princess Sofía, 9, were dropped off for their first day back at school in Madrid on Monday by their doting parents, Queen Letizia and King Felipe.

The royal couple are well known for being among the hardest working monarchs in the world.  However, they made sure their schedules were clear to accompany their children to school.

In August, the family were seen at the Marivent Palace on the island of Mallorca.  The family spent their annual summer holiday there.

The royal family traditionally spend their lengthy holiday at the Marivent Palace, their official summer residence, on the Balearic island.

The sumptuous grounds, home to Felipe’s Son Vent villa, are famed for their beautiful gardens and boast stunning sea views.

Spanish Queen Letizia Prefers Foreign Dress Designers

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Letizia in a short floral dress.

While the Spanish Queen wears her dresses more than once, they tend to be from foreign fashion designers.

Perhaps what has happened is that designers, brands and journalists expected the Queen to wear premiere gowns from a Spanish fashion designer and therefore have become disappointed.

For some unknown reason, Letizia wears very few clothes from good Spanish fashion designers. Saved Varela, expensive Inditex brands and some young designers of accessories. To spend euros on clothes does in Hugo Boss, Nina Ricci, Carolina and Sherri Hill. I know that the sector is a little pissed with that of the Queen is not an ambassador of first class Spanish fashion and just be true to Varela, and when it is. Perhaps her to avoid favoritism, and probably more critical, strip down the street middle and did not see none. Dead dog rabies is over, the saying goes.
Queen Letizia in a short floral dress.
As the very patriotic Letizia shows, it is the low cost that matters. When you saw cheap likes to Mango and increasingly Zara.

Well in this act with the cream of textiles Letizia has decided not to get wet and Zara dress. More than one has gone bad. They say it would have been a good wink, a sign of support for the sector, which would dress Roberto Torretta, the award – winning designer.  But, our queen does not fall into these details (look which I doubt) or do it on purpose.  Quite the contrary that Michelle Obama on her recent visit to Spain where she dressed in one of the best Spanish brands of the moment, DelPozo.

The fact is that for five years Letizia was beautiful in a print dress from Zara with French sleeves and a straight cut. Light colored sandals from Magrit that has no equal in black and fuchsia Adolfo Dominguez portfolio.

Imagine how beautiful Letizia would look in this Sherri Hill 50625 floral print dress. Except for the plunging v-neck, the gold applique and kimono sleeves would look very appealing on the queen.

If the dress was not sufficiently stamped and flowered, the Queen has chosen to pull down others of their outstanding variegated long. That she wears her hair to very much attract attention, with a global effect, does not convince me. Too many flowers for one day.

I do not know something about the look of today did not fit. In addition, although Letizia has made a perfect speech. I have seen much more serious than usual, even with an awkward gesture as if he wanted to be there. It seems that matters of fashion does not like as much as other nutrition or childhood or may not want your image to be associated with fashion.  An issue that some consider frivolous but is one of the industries most in demand outside our borders.

Churches presents to the real Spain in Almeria by a pregnant woman and the Sect. General of We Can

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Pablo Iglesias at auditorium.

The candidate of the coalition gives prominence to Lucia Ayala and Julio Rodrã guez with a short speech in which censorship of the false patriots of “bracelet and accounts in Switzerland”.

Almeria.- The strong wind blowing in the city of Almeria (“wind of change”, according insisted United We Can) forced the organization of the coalition to relocate the rally to the Cervantes Theater in the city, with which many of those who were going to attend the event in the exterior were left out of the theater, in which even a needle would not fit. There was no alternative but to improvise scenery, since a splendid palm tree fell on the Churches and your computer companion (Paul Echenique, Irene Montero, Rafa Mayoral and Lucia Ayala) were to star in an act crowded.

Empatizando with those who do not could enter the Cervantes, the candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, and their number one by Almeria to Congress, the General Julio Rodriguez, decided to improvise a small rally in the exterior of the building for all those lacking site before entering the packed auditorium. Churches called to vote, to the mobilization and to change and requested their hundreds of followers there concentrates – the outer, inside had double- that the 26-J did not cease intimidated by the “strategy of fear” of the false patriots.

Pablo Iglesias sent in Almeria a strong message to women and the false patriots. Escorted by Lucia Ayala, responsible for territorial coordination we can and Congresswoman Andalusian, and General Rodriguez, who opened and closed the act respectively, sent two very clear messages leaving aside its protagonist (his speech was brief for what is supposed to the star of the act) and betting for women and a former Chod, general and politician engaged with the “change”.

Ayala took the word referring to your pregnancy (revealed that expected a girl): “I do not want chuches for my daughter,” warned the andalusian. And then played the image of a society, the Spanish where inequality increases and women bear the brunt; where gender-based violence (“macho”, according to Iglesias) is a constant, where the “future” of his daughter appears committed by the policies of the PP. Ayala appealed to achieve real equality, the end of the violence against women or the decent wages for them too.

Julio Rodriguez granted, especially connotation of credible to the message of United We Can about the true patriotism. With a luxury presentation by the own churches, who introduced him underlining its “commitment” authentic resistant to many attacks” that received by his military position and former Chief of Defense (Chod), Rodríguez appealed to “change” real and not to let themselves be carried away by the “false patriots” that, in addition to take your money to Switzerland for not paying taxs in Spain, “are going to Venezuela to campaign”.

Echenique, Montero and Mayoral completed an act crowded that showed in Almeria supported closed to its number one by United We Can, the general of the air, which, moreover, was the most applauded in his speech.

Podemos rise in the polls, despite Anti-Austerity fever in Spain.

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By Nadia Prupis, staff writer of Common Dreams – Spain leftist political coalition, led by the party we can anti-austerity, is making further progress in the polls before the upcoming parliamentary elections of country-narrowing the field with the conservative Popular Party (PP), which only is the favorite to win by a small margin.

It is also speculated the upstart we would oust the old Socialist Party (PSOE) to take the position of the PP runner-up for the first time in the modern history of Spain.

The expected result is that no party would obtain an absolute majority in the Parliament, as occurred during the December elections that forced a second vote scheduled for 26 June.

We can now is doing campaign under the slogan states we (Together We Can), a coalition between CAN and other leftist political groups including the United Left and Equo.

A study released Thursday revealed that

the vote would be split between four main parts and four smaller, confirming a new era of the fragmentation and the political uncertainty in Spain after four decades of a stable system of two parties.

[…] The survey, conducted in May 4-22, showed the United We Can alliance could grasp the 25.6 per cent of the votes and 88 to 92 of the 350 parliamentary seats in the lower house Spanish-strong, above the 71 seats won by its members in December.

If we can edges outside the PSOE for second place, the Socialists would have the option to return the PP to create a “grand coalition”, explains Reuters that would run the risk of alienating a large part of its base leftist, or become a partner “junior” we can to feed its continuous increase.

According to the BBC, existing surveys in Spain indicate a repetition of what happened in Greece, where the new left-wing party Syriza attracted voters outside the traditional Pasok socialist”, could be the most likely outcome.

We can leader Pablo Iglesias said that the party has offered to form a coalition with the PSOE after the elections.

“We have to agree with them [the PSOE] so that we can have a progressive government,” said.

We can also has revealed this week a political campaign platform in the style of a catalog of IKEA expects that its members would become the “Manifesto more read ever produced”.